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The “Fortunes of War,” Part 2

In FTR #905, among other broadcasts, we have detailed the profound corporate links between American oligarchs and their counterparts in Japan. As the Seagraves noted in an excerpt of "The Yamato Dynasty" summarizing the aftermath of World War II in Asia: ". . . . America's oligarchs had rescued Japan's oligarchs. . . ." In our last post, we noted that ". . . . U.S.?bombing policy [in Japan]. . . had tended to reaffirm existing hierarchies of fortune. . .” While still a private citizen, John Foster Dulles of Sullivan & Cromwell negotiated a peace treaty between Japan and the Allies, predicated on the twin myths that Japan hadn't stolen wealth from its occupied territories during the war and that the nation was bankrupt. Neither assertion was based in fact. Article 14 of the treaty stated: " . . . . 'the Allied Powers waive all reparations claims of the Allied Powers?and their nationals?arising out of any actions taken by Japan'. By signing the treaty, Allied countries concurred that Japan's plunder had vanished down a rabbit hole, and all Japan's victims were out of luck. . . ." It should also be noted that: " . . . . As we now know, Japan was?not bankrupted by the war. By 1951, six years after the war, Japan's economy was stronger than it had been during the best business years before the war. . . ." This highlights the apparently strategically selective nature of American bombing during the war, as well as the fact that Japan was allowed to keep the Golden Lily plunder that had been brought back to the home islands. Read more »

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Fascism: 2019 World Tour, Part 10, The Intermarium Continuity

FTR #1100

MP3: FTR #1100

Lat-est Pro-gram Record-ed Is: FTR #1102 Fas-cism: 2019 World Tour, Part 12–The Inter-mar-i-um Con-ti-nu-ity, Part 3 (Fur-ther Reflec-tions on the Piv-ot Point)

Mr. Emory has how fin-ished and pub-lished AFA #39: “The World Will be Plunged into an Abyss . . . .”   Mr. Emory VERY much hopes lis-ten-ers and read-ers will close-ly exam-ine, record and dis-sem-i-nate this infor-ma-tion. It may well be what the Nazi future will look like, up to a point.

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Azov Bat-tal-ion Spin Off Nation-al Mili-tia, served as elec-tion mon-i-tors in Ukraine. Azov is a major pro-mot-er of the Inter-mar-i-um con-cept.

This broad-cast con-tin-ues exam-i-na-tion of the Inter-mar-i-um con-cept and the geopo-lit-i-cal posi-tion of Ukraine as the “Piv-ot Point” in the Earth Island. Inter-mar-i-um is a con-cept that orig-i-nat-ed in the imme-di-ate World War I peri-od and evolved over the rough-ly one hun-dred years since.

Ini-tial-ly con-ceived as a polit-i-cal alliance of Cen-tral and East-ern Euro-pean nations to coun-ter-act the influ-ence of both Ger-many and Rus-sia, the Inter-mar-i-um idea evolved into a fas-cist con-struct in the years lead-ing up to World War II, the Sec-ond World War years, the Cold War and the present.

Most of the four pro-grams high-light-ing the evo-lu-tion and appli-ca-tion of the Inter-mar-i-um con-cept con-sist of read-ing and analy-sis of a long aca-d-e-m-ic paper by Mar-lene Laru-elle and Ellen Rivera. Of para-mount sig-nif-i-cance in this dis-cus-sion is the piv-otal role of Ukrain-ian fas-cist orga-ni-za-tions in the Inter-mar-i-um and close-ly con-nect-ed Promethean net-works, from the post World War I peri-od, through the time between the World Wars, through the Cold War and up to and includ-ing the Maid-an coup.

We present key excerpts of the paper to under-score dom-i-nant fea-tures of this evo-lu-tion-ary con-ti-nu-ity:

  1. A key play-er in the events that brought the OUN suc-ces-sor orga-ni-za-tions to pow-er in Ukraine has been the Atlantic Coun-cil. It receives back-ing from NATO, the State Depart-ment, Lithua-nia and Ukrain-ian oli-garch Vik-tor Pinchuk. The think tank also receives major fund-ing from the Ukrain-ian World Con-gress, which evolved from the OUN. . . . . In 1967, the World Con-gress of Free Ukraini-ans was found-ed in New York City by sup-port-ers of Andriy Mel-nyk. [The head of the OUN?M, also allied with Nazi Germany.–D.E.] It was renamed the Ukrain-ian World Con-gress in 1993. In 2003, the Ukrain-ian World Con-gress was rec-og-nized by the Unit-ed Nations Eco-nom-ic and Social Coun-cil as an NGO with spe-cial con-sul-ta-tive sta-tus. It now appears as a spon-sor of the Atlantic Coun-cil . . . . The con-ti-nu-ity of insti-tu-tion-al and indi-vid-ual tra-jec-to-ries from Sec-ond World War col-lab-o-ra-tionists to Cold War-era anti--mu-nist orga-ni-za-tions to con-tem-po-rary con-ser-v-a-tive U.S. think tanks is sig-nif-i-cant for the ide-o-log-i-cal under-pin-nings of today’s Inter-mar-i-um revival. . . .”
  2. Ukrain-ian pro-to-fas-cist forces were at the core of Josef Pil-sud-ski’s Pol-ish-led Inter-mar-i-um and over-lap-ping Promethean orga-ni-za-tions. Those forces coa-lesced into the OUN. ” . . . . Accord-ing to the British schol-ar and jour-nal-ist Stephen Dor-ril, the Promethean League served as an anti--mu-nist umbrel-la orga-ni-za-tion for anti-Sovi-et exiles dis-placed after the Ukrain-ian gov-ern-ment of Simon Petlu-ra (1879–1926) gave up the fight against the Sovi-ets in 1922.[12]  . . . . as Dor-ril affirms, ‘the real lead-er-ship and latent pow-er with-in the Promethean League emanat-ed from the Petlu-ra-dom-i-nat-ed Ukrain-ian Demo-c-ra-t-ic Repub-lic in exile and its Pol-ish spon-sors. The Poles ben-e-fit-ed direct-ly from this arrange-ment, as Promethean mil-i-tary assets were absorbed into the Pol-ish army, with Ukrain-ian, Geor-gian and Armen-ian con-tract offi-cers not un-mon in the ranks.’[13] The alliance between Pi?-sud-s-ki and Petlu-ra became very unpop-u-lar among many West-ern Ukraini-ans, as it result-ed in Pol-ish dom-i-na-tion of their lands. This oppo-si-tion joined the insur-gent Ukrain-ian Mil-i-tary Orga-ni-za-tion (Ukrain-s-ka viisko-va orh-a-nizat-si-ia, UVO—founded 1920), which lat-er trans-formed into the Orga-ni-za-tion of Ukrain-ian Nation-al-ists (Orh-a-nizat-si-ia ukrain-skykh nat-sion-al-is-tiv, OUN). . . .”
  3. Accord-ing to for-mer Army intel-li-gence offi-cer William Gowen (a source used and trust-ed by John Lof-tus and Mark Aarons) the Inter-mar-i-um and Promethean net-work assets were used by Third Reich intel-li-gence dur-ing World War II. ” . . .  . Based on Gowen’s reports, such authors as Christo-pher Simp-son, Stephen Dor-ril, Mark Aarons, and John Lof-tus have sug-gest-ed that the net-works of the Promethean League and the Inter-mar-i-um were uti-lized by Ger-man intel-li-gence. . . .”
  4. Not sur-pris-ing-ly, the Intermarium/Promethean milieu appears to have been cen-tral-ly involved in the Nazi escape net-works, the Vat-i-can-assist-ed “Rat-lines,” in par-tic-u-lar. ” . . . . Amer-i-can intel-li-gence began to take notice of the Inter-mar-i-um net-work in August 1946[42] in the frame-work of Oper-a-tion Cir-cle, a Coun-ter-in-tel-li-gence Corps (CIC) project the orig-i-nal goal of which was to deter-mine how net-works inside the Vat-i-can had spir-it-ed away so many Nazi war crim-i-nals and col-lab-o-ra-tors, most-ly to South Amer-i-ca.[43] Among the group of CIC offi-cers involved in the oper-a-tion was Levy’s source William Gowen. Then a young offi-cer based in Rome, Gowen sus-pect-ed the Inter-mar-i-um net-work to be behind Nazi war crim-i-nals and col-lab-o-ra-tors’ exten-sive escape routes from Europe. . . .”
  5. It es as no sur-prise, as well, that U.S. intel-li-gence absorbed the Intermarium/Promethean  net-works after the war. ” . . . . Accord-ing to Aarons and Lof-tus, although he had ini-tial-ly been thor-ough-ly opposed to this course of action, by ‘ear-ly July 1947, Gowen was strong-ly advo-cat-ing that Amer-i-can intel-li-gence should take over Inter-mar-i-um; before long, the CIC offi-cer was no longer hunt-ing for Nazis, but recruit-ing them.’[49] . . . .”
  6. One of the main -po-nents of  the “Inter-mar-i-um con-ti-nu-ity” is the ABN—the Anti-Bol-she-vik Bloc of Nations. The OUN and asso-ci-at-ed ele-ments con-sti-tute the most impor-tant ele-ment of the ABN. ” . . . . a vast num-ber of anti--mu-nist orga-ni-za-tions were formed in the imme-di-ate post-war peri-od and sup-port-ed by the US.[57] They con-sti-tute one of the main -po-nents of the Inter-mar-i-um ‘genealog-i-cal tree,’ in the sense that they revived the mem-o-ry of Pi?sudski’s attempts to uni-fy Cen-tral and East-ern Europe against Sovi-et Rus-sia and gave them new life, but blend-ed this mem-o-ry with far-right tones inspired by col-lab-o-ra-tion with Nazi Ger-many.[58] The most impor-tant of the Euro-pean anti--mu-nist orga-ni-za-tions was the Anti-Bol-she-vik Bloc of Nations (ABN). . . . Because fas-cist move-ments were, in the 1930s, the first to orga-nize them-selves against the Sovi-et Union, the ABN recruit-ed mas-sive-ly among their ranks and served as an umbrel-la for many for-mer col-lab-o-ra-tionist para-mil-i-tary orga-ni-za-tions in exile, amongst them the Orga-ni-za-tion of Ukrain-ian Nationalists—Bandera (OUN?B), the Croa-t-ian Usta?e, the Roman-ian Iron Guard, and the Slo-va-kian Hlin-ka Guard.[59] It thus con-tributed to guar-an-tee-ing the sur-vival of their lega-cies at least until the end of the Cold War. Accord-ing to the lib-er-al Insti-tute for Pol-i-cy Stud-ies think tank, cre-at-ed by two for-mer aides to Kennedy advi-sors, the ABN was the ‘largest and most impor-tant umbrel-la for for-mer Nazi col-lab-o-ra-tors in the world.’ . . . .”
  7. In addi-tion to the OUN/Ukrainian fas-cist milieu, the Croa-t-ian Ustashe fas-cists became a dom-i-nant ele-ment. This is fun-da-men-tal to the Azov Bat-tal-ion’s Inter-mar-i-um project, dis-cussed in FTR #‘s 1096 and 1097. ” . . . . The most active groups with-in the ABN became the Ukrain-ian and Croa-t-ian orga-ni-za-tions, par-tic-u-lar-ly the Ukrain-ian OUN.[61] The OUN, under the lead-er-ship of Andriy Mel-nyk (1890–1964), col-lab-o-rat-ed with the Nazi occu-piers from the latter’s inva-sion of Poland in Sep-tem-ber 1939. The Gestapo trained Myko-la Lebed and the adher-ents of Melnyk’s younger -peti-tor, Stepan Ban-dera (1909–1959), in sab-o-tage, guer-ril-la war-fare, and assas-si-na-tions. The OUN’s 1941 split into the so-called OUN?B, fol-low-ing Stepan Ban-dera, and OUN?M, fol-low-ing Andriy Mel-nyk,[62] did not keep both fac-tions from con-tin-u-ing to col-lab-o-rate with the Ger-mans. . . .”
  8. For-mer SS and Abwehr offi-cer Theodor Oberlaender–the “polit-i-cal offi-cer” (read “-man-der”) of the Nachti-gall Bat-tal-ion in the Lviv pogram of 1941–became the Ger-man Min-is-ter of Expellees and was vital to the ascent of the OUN in the ABN. ” . . . .While in Sovi-et Ukraine the UPA kept on fight-ing against Moscow until the ear-ly 1950s, their capac-i-ties were exhaust-ed. . . . As Fed-er-al Min-is-ter for Dis-placed Per-sons, Refugees, and the War-Dam-aged dur-ing the Ade-nauer gov-ern-ment, Ober-l?n-der played a cru-cial role in the rise of the ABN and allowed Ukrain-ian col-lab-o-ra-tionists to take the lead in it. Yaroslav Stet-sko (1912–1986), who presided over the Ukrain-ian col-lab-o-ra-tionist gov-ern-ment in Lviv from as ear-ly as 30 June 1941, led the ABN from its cre-ation in 1946 until his death in 1986. . . .”
  9. The Army’s Counter Intel-li-gence Corps (CIC) con-firmed the pri-ma-cy of the OUN/B with-in the ABN: ” . . . . CIC con-firmed that by 1948 both the ‘Inter-mar-i-um’ and the UPA (Ukrain-ian par-ti-san -mand) report-ed to the ABN pres-i-dent, Yaroslav Stet-sko. The UPA in turn had con-sol-i-dat-ed all the anti-Sovi-et par-ti-sans under its umbrel-la. Yaroslav Stet-sko was also Sec-re-tary of OUN/B and sec-ond in -mand to Ban-dera, who had the largest remain-ing par-ti-san group behind Sovi-et lines under his direct -mand. Thus, OUN/B had achieved the lead-er-ship role among the anti--mu-nist exiles and was ascen-dant by 1950 . . . .”
  10. Con-tem-po-rary Ukraine is the focal point of the rein-car-nat-ed Inter-mar-i-um con-cept. ” . . . . The most recent rein-car-na-tion of the Inter-mar-i-um has tak-en form in Ukraine, espe-cial-ly among the Ukrain-ian far right, which has re-appro-pri-at-ed the con-cept by cap-i-tal-iz-ing on the sol-id ide-o-log-i-cal and per-son-al con-ti-nu-ity between actors of the Ukrain-ian far right in the inter-war and Cold War peri-ods and their heirs today. . . .”
  11. The con-ti-nu-ity of the Inter-mar-i-um con-cept as man-i-fest-ed in con-tem-po-rary Ukraine is epit-o-mized by the role of Yarosla-va Stet-sko (Yaroslav’s wid-ow and suc-ces-sor as a deci-sive ABN and OUN leader). Note the net-work-ing between her Con-gress of Ukrain-ian Nation-al-ists and Svo-bo-da. “. . . . This con-ti-nu-ity is exem-pli-fied by the wife of long-time ABN leader Yaroslav Stet-sko, Yarosla-va Stet-sko (1920–2003), a promi-nent fig-ure in the Ukrain-ian post-Sec-ond World War émi-gré -mu-ni-ty who became direct-ly involved in post-Sovi-et Ukrain-ian pol-i-tics. Hav-ing joined the OUN at the age of 18, she became an indis-pens-able sup-port-er of the ABN after the war . . . . In July 1991, she returned to Ukraine, and in the fol-low-ing year formed the Con-gress of Ukrain-ian Nation-al-ists (CUN), a new polit-i-cal par-ty estab-lished on the basis of the OUN, pre-sid-ing over both.[129] Although the CUN nev-er achieved high elec-tion results, it coop-er-at-ed with the Social-Nation-al Par-ty of Ukraine (SNPU), which lat-er changed its name to Svo-bo-da, the far-right Ukrain-ian par-ty that con-tin-ues to exist. . . .”
  12. Yarosla-va Stet-sko’s CUN was co-found-ed by her hus-band’s for-mer sec-re-tary in the 1980s, Roman Svarych. Min-is-ter of Jus-tice in the Vik-tor Yuschenko gov-ern-ment (as well as both Tim-o-shenko gov-ern-ments), Svarych became the spokesman and a major recruiter for the Azov Bat-tal-ion. ” . . . . The co-founder of the CUN and for-mer-ly Yaroslav Stetsko’s pri-vate sec-re-tary, the U.S.-born Roman Zvarych (1953), rep-re-sents a younger gen-er-a-tion of the Ukrain-ian émi-gré -mu-ni-ty active dur-ing the Cold War and a direct link from the ABN to the Azov Bat-tal-ion. . . . Zvarych par-tic-i-pat-ed in the activ-i-ties of the Anti-Bol-she-vik Bloc of Nations in the 1980s. . . . In Feb-ru-ary 2005, after Vik-tor Yushchenko’s elec-tion, Zvarych was appoint-ed Min-is-ter of Jus-tice. . . . Accord-ing to Andriy Bilet-sky, the first -man-der of the Azov bat-tal-ion, a civ-il para-mil-i-tary unit cre-at-ed in the wake of the Euro-maid-an, Zvarych was head of the head-quar-ters of the Azov Cen-tral -mit-tee in 2015 and sup-port-ed the Azov bat-tal-ion with ‘vol-un-teers’ and polit-i-cal advice through his Zvarych Foun-da-tion. . . .”
  13. The “Inter-mar-i-um Con-ti-nu-ity” is inex-tri-ca-ble with the his-tor-i-cal revi-sion-ism about the roles of the OUN and UPA in World War II. That revi-sion-ism is insti-tion-al-ized in the Insti-tute of Nation-al Remem-brance. ” . . . .The rein-tro-duc-tion of the Inter-mar-i-um notion in Ukraine is close-ly con-nect-ed to the broad reha-bil-i-ta-tion of the OUN and UPA, as well as of their main hero, Stepan Ban-dera. . . . Dur-ing his pres-i-den-cy (2005–2010), and par-tic-u-lar-ly through the cre-ation of the Insti-tute for Nation-al Remem-brance,  Vik-tor Yushchenko built the image of Ban-dera as a sim-ple Ukrain-ian nation-al-ist fight-ing for his country’s inde-pen-dence . . . .”
  14. As dis-cussed in numer-ous pro-grams, anoth-er key ele-ment in the “Inter-mar-i-um Con-ti-nu-ity” is Katery-na Chu-machenko, an OUN oper-a-tive who served in the State Depart-ment and Ronald Rea-gan’s admin-is-tra-tion. She mar-ried Vik-tor Yuschenko. ” . . . . It is not unlike-ly Yushchenko’s readi-ness dur-ing his pres-i-den-cy (2005–2010) to open up to right-wing ten-den-cies of the Ukrain-ian exile leads back to his wife, who had con-nec-tions to the ABN. Katery-na Chu-machenko [Yushchenko], born 1961 in Chica-go, was socialised there in the Ukrain-ian exile youth organ-i-sa-tion SUM (Spilka Ukra-jin-sko-ji Molo-di, Ukrain-ian Youth Organ-i-sa-tion) in the spir-it of the OUN. Via the lob-by asso-ci-a-tion Ukrain-ian Con-gress -mit-tee of Amer-i-ca (UCCA) she obtained a post as  ‘spe-cial assis-tant’ in the U.S. State Depart-ment in 1986, and was from 1988 to 1989 employed by the Office of Pub-lic Liai-son in the White House. . . .”
  15. Embody-ing the “Inter-mar-i-um Con-ti-nu-ity” are the lus-tra-tion laws, which make it a crim-i-nal offense to tell the truth about the OUN and UPA’s roles in World War II. Note Volodymyr Via-tro-vy-ch’s posi-tion as min-is-ter of edu-ca-tion. ” . . . . This reha-bil-i-ta-tion trend accel-er-at-ed after the Euro-Maid-an. In 2015, just before the sev-en-ti-eth anniver-sary of Vic-to-ry Day, Volodymyr Via-tro-vych, min-is-ter of edu-ca-tion and long-time direc-tor of the Insti-tute for the Study of the Lib-er-a-tion Move-ment, an orga-ni-za-tion found-ed to pro-mote the hero-ic nar-ra-tive of the OUN–UPA, called on the par-lia-ment to vote for a set of four laws that cod-i-fied the new, post-Maid-an his-to-ri-og-ra-phy. Two of them are par-tic-u-lar-ly influ-en-tial in the ongo-ing mem-o-ry war with Rus-sia. One decrees that OUN and UPA mem-bers are to be con-sid-ered ‘fight-ers for Ukrain-ian inde-pen-dence in the twen-ti-eth cen-tu-ry,’ mak-ing pub-lic denial of this unlaw-ful. . . .”
  16. As high-light-ed in a Nation arti-cle in FTR #1072” . . . . With-in sev-er-al years, an entire gen-er-a-tion will be indoc-tri-nat-ed to wor-ship Holo-caust per-pe-tra-tors as nation-al heroes. . . .”
  17. As dis-cussed dis-cussed in FTR #‘s 1096 and 1097, the Azov Bat-tal-ion is in the lead-er-ship of the revival of the Inter-mar-i-um con-cept.” . . . . In this con-text of reha-bil-i-ta-tion of inter-war heroes, ten-sions with Rus-sia, and dis-il-lu-sion with Europe over its per-ceived lack of sup-port against Moscow, the geopo-lit-i-cal con-cept of Inter-mar-i-um could only pros-per. It has found its most active pro-mot-ers on the far right of the polit-i-cal spec-trum, among the lead-er-ship of the Azov Bat-tal-ion. . . .”
  18. Azov’s Inter-mar-i-um Sup-port Group has held three net-work-ing con-fer-ences to date, bring-ing togeth-er key fig-ures of what are euphem-ized as “nation-al-ist” orga-ni-za-tions. In addi-tion to focus-ing on the devel-op-ment of what are euphem-ized as “nation-al-ist” youth orga-ni-za-tions, the con-fer-ence is stress-ing mil-i-tary orga-ni-za-tion and pre-pared-ness: ” . . . . In 2016, Bilet-sky cre-at-ed the Inter-mar-i-um Sup-port Group (ISG),[152] intro-duc-ing the con-cept to poten-tial -rades-in-arms from the Baltic-Black Sea region.[153] The first day of the found-ing con-fer-ence was reserved for lec-tures and dis-cus-sions by senior rep-re-sen-ta-tives of var-i-ous sym-pa-thet-ic orga-ni-za-tions, the sec-ond day to ‘the lead-ers of youth branch-es of polit-i-cal par-ties and nation-al-ist move-ments of the Baltic-Black Sea area.’ . . . . It also includ-ed ‘mil-i-tary attach-es of diplo-mat-ic mis-sions from the key coun-tries in the region (Poland, Hun-gary, Roma-nia and Lithua-nia). . . .”
  19. Azov’s third ISG con-fer-ence con-tin-ued to advance the mil-i-tary net-work-ing char-ac-ter-is-tics of the ear-li-er gath-er-ings, includ-ing the neces-si-ty of giv-ing mil-i-tary train-ing to what are euphem-ized as “nation-al-ist” youth orga-ni-za-tions: ” . . . . On Octo-ber 13, 2018, the ISG orga-nized its third con-gress. Besides the Ukrain-ian hosts, a large share of the for-eign speak-ers from Poland, Lithua-nia, and Croa-t-ia had a (para-)military back-ground, among them advi-sor to the Pol-ish Defence Min-is-ter Jerzy Tar-gal-s-ki and retired Brigadier Gen-er-al of the Croa-t-ian Armed Forces Bruno Zor-i-ca.[156] Among the talk-ing points of Pol-ish mil-i-tary edu-ca-tor Damien Duda were ‘meth-ods of the prepa-ra-tion of a mil-i-tary reserve in youth orga-ni-za-tions” and the “impor-tance of para-mil-i-tary struc-tures with-in the frame-work of the defence -plex of a mod-ern state.’ . . . .”


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